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Size matters

Unless you’re fortunate enough to own a super yacht, the cabin space on the average privately owned boat tends to range from small to titchy. Which, for most boat owners, is fine – as most infinitely prefer their time spent above deck than below.

But when size matters as it does in the cabin space of your boat, it’s crucial to make every square centimetre of space count.

Keeping cabin space organised is a given, which typically extends to the following principles:

An ESSENTIALS ONLY approach; don’t have two things if there is one thing that can perform both tasks.

SIMPLE DECOR: fussy, ornate decor has a tendency to shrink space, whereas simple light colours create a better illusion of space.

A BASIC PANTRY that includes only limited food supplies and kitchenware; unlike home, your onboard pantry is no place for that peculiar flavoured quinoa that you’ll never eat.

FOLDING, FOLDING, FOLDING: an item that can’t be folded away when not in use is rarely worth the space it consumes.

There are many limitations when it comes to onboard space but, with a Millbrook Boat Mattress, one thing your cabin needn’t ever be lacking in is comfort.

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