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Five ways to sail

Sail away into a better night’s sleep on your boat courtesy of a Millbrook Boat Mattress.


Our clients so often tells us they simply weren’t aware of the level of choice and the level of sleep comfort achievable on a boat.


When it comes to the quality and luxurious design of a Millbrook Boat Mattress, comfort is a given  and, with five types of mattress available to order to your specific sizes, the choice is really yours.


In our five specifications of boat mattresses, we offer five ways to sail into a better night’s sleep.



Choose between 10 or 15cm foam or 15 or 20cm pocket foam mattresses.



Choose between 10 or 15cm foam-latex or 15 or 20cm pocket foam-latex mattresses.


Memory foam

Choose between 10 or 15cm foam-memory foam or 15 or 20cm pocket memory foam mattresses.


Pocket Natural

20cm pocket natural mattress.


Pocket Spring

Choose between 15cm pocket foam, 15cm pocket latex, 15cm pocket memory foam, 20cm pocket foam, 20cm pocket latex, 20cm pocket memory foam and 20cm pocket natural mattresses.


Speak to an experienced member of our team today and find out more about our expert templating service helping you tailor the right solution for your boat.

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