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National Seafarers Week 2017

When we think of sailing, many of us will tend to think of extra special leisure time and activities spent on the water, afternoons spent watching regattas and perhaps following the pursuits of sailing teams competing in global events.


As an ‘island nation’ it’s perhaps surprising that far fewer of us will immediately think of the men and women who work every day in the seafaring trade to bring food, fuel and other basic supplies shipped to our shores every day.


For this reason, thanks to Seafarers UK, this week is dedicated to those exact people as we mark National Seafarers Week. Running from 24th-30th June 2017, the campaign will look to highlight the work of this industry and 2017 will see a particular focus on UK maritime employment opportunities.


Including events, resources and free materials for primary schools, find out how to get involved at http://www.seafarers.uk/campaigning/seafarers-awareness-week-2017/.


And as Seafarers UK celebrate their centenary, also find out more about Seafarers UK’s work over the last 100 years providing charitable grants to maritime charities and charitable maritime projects as well as helping serving and ex-serving seafarers and their families facing hardship http://www.seafarers.uk


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