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The Great Cabin

You’ve had a long day’s sail. As the captain of your boat, whether yours is the only sleeping area or one of several, you should have a great cabin.


Anyone with a basic grasp of maritime history will know that the ‘Great Cabin’ was the name given to the captain’s cabin. The Great Cabin often occupied the entire width of the stern of the ship and would be furnished with luxurious fixtures and fittings not found elsewhere on board.


In fact, the Portsmouth Historic Dockyards enable you to experience the Great Cabin of the HMS Victory: http://www.hms-victory.com/things-to-see/great-cabin


On a smaller and much more contemporary scale, that touch of luxury in the fixtures, fittings and furnishings of your sleeping quarters are still desirable today.


Luxury sleeping quarters begin with a luxury Millbrook Boat Mattress. Made using premium materials and processes, a Millbrook Boat Mattress looks and feels the part, and is of a luxury worthy of the captain’s sleeping area.


Millbrook Boat Mattresses are handmade and can be customised to the exact shape and size of your boat’s sleeping area or, perhaps you prefer, your Great Cabin.

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