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When is your bed also your lounging space, and possibly even your dining space?


No we’re not thinking about the smallest of small New York apartments, or cramped London bedsit, we’re actually thinking about your boat.


Depending on the size of your boat, the chances are most boat owners have limited cabin space to play around with.


Which is why you can’t always afford to take interior design risks with your space. A focus on clean design, calming colours, natural materials, relaxation and multi purpose use. Given these focuses, Scandinavian inspiration is naturally a great design fit.


This week at Millbrook Boat Mattresses, we’ve a few easy Scandinavian design inspiration tips for your cabin:


1. Neutral colours punctuated with subtle brights


Using a palette of neutral colours will mean your interior won’t date. Punctuating this neutral palette with a few brighter accessories will keep things interesting but without an overall commitment to a colour that you may like less as time goes on.


2. Simple, organic-feel textures and finishes


Furnish your interior with a variety of natural textures and fabrics for a clean, relaxing and stylish feel.


3. Pared back design


Small spaces required a pared back approach. A small space that is over cluttered or over styled will seem as though it is compensating for a lack of space, which it probably is. Pared back simple styling however demands a commitment to quality as, without the distraction of statement design features, it leaves nowhere to hide


Furnishing your cabin space with Millbrook Boat Mattresses fits beautifully within this design ethos.


Our boat mattresses are handmade to the precise size of your sleeping areas and use only the finest natural materials for more luxurious sleep.


Talk or livechat with a member of our team today to find out more about our templating service.


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