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Savouring the opportunity

Most of us cannot have failed to notice the wealth of whimsical signs and homewares available to buy these days that posit little nuggets of insight…


‘Life’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’


‘Take note of the little things, one day you’ll realise they were the big things’


‘Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted’ (John Lennon)


Although these signs and sayings can seem twee displayed alongside dotty and gingham homewares in your local vintage-inspired gift shop, we can all acknowledge there is truth in these statements.


For boat owners, the focus of their boating can often be planning for the next voyage that may be further on than the last, or tracking a new route to navigate to a familiar place, maybe even the opportunity to take new friends along with you.


Although these matters can seem like the big things, in fact the moments of stillness you’ll spend on your boat are perhaps the little things that you’ll one day look back on as the big things.


Staying aboard a boat is a sought after experience. This has never more obvious than by the explosion of holiday providers, even now Air bnb, that provide boat accommodation as part of their portfolio of properties to offer customers in search of unique accommodations and experiences.


As a boat owner, savour the opportunity of the sought-after opportunity that’s within your grasp by making your sleeping quarters a comfortable and cosy place to enjoy wasting time. With surging demand, comfortable sleeping quarters could even be something you could make a sideline income from.


Talk to a member of the Millbrook Boat Mattress team today to find out more about our range of luxury handmade boat mattresses. Suppliers to luxury yacht manufacturers, our mattresses offer the creme de la creme when it comes to onboard sleep – and our mattresses can be made to the unique size and specifications for your sleeping quarters.

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