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January’s over and, the further we get into February, we are rewarded with refreshing glimpses that springtime won’t be too long coming.

It may be the sight of snowdrops in the garden, the odd unseasonably warm afternoon or the fact that you’re only scraping your windscreen once a week instead of every day. But these glimpses are important and help us focus our minds on planning for springtime.

Boat owners know the drill of planning for the season ahead better than most. Having gone through the process of winterisation for their boat, now may be the time to think about planning for the next season and any refreshing touches needed to prepare your boat for the spring and summer months.

Millbrook Boat Mattresses are experts in creating luxury on-board sleep. Our broad range of boat mattresses are handcrafted to create a luxury sleeping surface and, with our templating service, are made according to the exact shape and dimensions of your cabin sleeping areas.

Now you can refresh the look and feel of your boat in one easy step, with new and fresh feeling mattresses available in a range of fabric colours to coordinate with your cabin interior. Yet more refreshing still is the added option of an under layer of Dry-Mesh to help keep your sleeping area feeling dry and warm in spite of the damp conditions.

If you’re looking to refresh the look and feel of your boat for the spring season summer ahead, look no further than Millbrook Boat Mattresses.

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